As a young boy growing up in South Philly I had a vivid imagination. From the time that I learned to read, books have provided me with countless hours of pleasure. The characters and the stories kept my imagination working overtime. I love to listen to a good story. And I’ve always admired colorful characters. Be they real or fictitious.

My father used to be a member of a private social club just up the street from his grocery store. He was also a bartender there at the “Societi di Cosenza.” He would take me there when I was just a little kid.  5 years old. I refused to go home to bed until he let me have a glass of beer. (Just a shot glass)

You see, I wanted to be like the grown up men, my father’s friends, who I stared up at in wild-eyed innocence.

The men there had names like “ Rocky The Roofer”, “Frankie No Shave”, Nicky Raymond “,  “Johnny Hinks” , “Cutch”“Babe” and “Shank”.  And then  “Chickie” and “Zangie”  would pull their motorcycles up on the pavement and walk into “The Club” as it was called and smile at me, pat me on the head and hand me a ten dollar bill. “TEN DOLLARS” that was a lot of money for a 5 year old kid. Probably about a HUNDRED DOLLARS in today’s money !

The cast of characters at “The Club” rivaled those of any book I would ever read.  And when I grew up I crossed paths or became friends with a lot more characters of all stripes.

I love people. And I am a born storyteller.

As a songwriter I strive to hold a mirror up to all of the wonderful characters, stories and situations that have enriched my life. The music supports the narrative but it is first and foremost for me about the characters and their stories and experiences.

So, welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy my songs.